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Wedding Lighting MD, DC, VA

Posted on April 14, 2015

Wedding Lighting


Wedding Lighting is THE way to make your Wedding BEAUTIFUL! 


Here are some recent examples and wedding lighting ideas.


Lights can and will always add a more desirable atmosphere to any event. Whether it’s 1 light or 50 lights, when placed in the right position(s), it will contribute to the overall mood of any event. Think lighting your wedding reception site means flipping on a light switch? If you want to turn your wedding site from standard to simply stunning, you’ll probably need to take a more illuminating approach to your decor.

Lighting creates a mood, and when it’s done well, lighting can make everything — including your venue, wedding flowers, cake, and guests — look better. Here’s the right way to plan your lighting.

Wedding Lighting MD, VA, DC - Ideal Media DJHD Wedding Uplighting, DC, MD, VA - Wedding Venue Ideal Media DJ & Lighting Wedding Decorations MD, DC, VA - Grand Hyatt DC - Ideal Media DJ Lighting Wedding Checklist, Uplighting, Party Lighting and Wedding Backdrops



Find An Expert

The worst thing a couple can do is hire lighting vendor with little to no experience. There is an art to this field and if not done right, it can make your wedding look terrible. There are a couple ways to find your wedding lighting specialist. First, other newlyweds — many will tell you if they had a great experience with their lighting vendor. Or, the coordinator at your reception venue could probably recommend a lighting company that has worked with the site before — and ask to see pictures of the space transformed by various lighting arrangements. Don’t be surprised if your lighting designer has a background in theater — many experts are using the same technology and techniques in weddings that they honed creating dramatic sets for the stage. 

Measure Your Site

If you’re planning an evening reception, make sure to visit your site at least once when it’s dark outside. Look around the room and see where the fixed lighting is focused. Lights that illuminate the walls, windows, and ceiling can draw attention away from the center of the room — and you want to keep everyone’s eyes on the tables, dance floor, and each other. Ask if the site has dimmers for their overhead lights, and if there’s any florescent lighting at all, keep it turned off! Also, make sure there won’t be any service doors kept open, which could flood the space with light and ruin the effect.

If you’re hosting a wedding at home, discuss how much electricity your lighting designer is going to need. Your band or DJ will probably have to tap into your home’s power for their speakers, and you don’t want to risk blowing a fuse.

Learn Types of Lighting

Here are the types of lighting commonly used at weddings.

Pin spot A focused beam of light that shines directly onto an object, like a centerpiece or wedding cake, as a highlight effect.

Up lighting, Pin Spot Lighting, Wedding Centerpieces, MD, DC, VA

Uplighting There are a few different types of light fixtures that can create a “wash,” which is basically a blanket or beams of colored light covering an entire area.

Uplighting and gobo lighting, wedding wire, DC, MD, VA

Gobos Circular stencils that are put over a light to project a design or pattern. Popular gobo designs are monograms, dates, or any other wedding motifs. The complexity of the design will affect the gobo’s cost — a simple stencil can be stamped out of steel, while a more intricate design must be laser etched out of stainless steel or a glass that can withstand high heat (costing much more than a stamped stencil). 

Gobo Lighting, Monogram Lighting, Wedding Lights, DC, MD, VA

Party Lights These come in handy when it’s time to dance! Party Lighting turns your venue into a party atmosphere. These lights are usually multi-colored and can be programmed to strobe, change colors, or “move”. It definitely motivated the crowd to get on the dance floor.

DC DJs, Party Lights, Event Lighting, MD, DC, VA

Spot Lights Spot lights are larger versions of Pin Spots and are used to light up certain parts of an event. We use the stationary models which means they are fixed to illuminate one area.

Spot light rental, Fox Empire, Wedding rentals, DC, MD, VA - Ideal Media DJHD

Use Color

Take advantage of the effect color can have on the atmosphere by changing the shades through the course of the night (programming). For example, if your cocktail hour starts around sunset, you can splash your room with golden tones. During dinner, consider soft lighting that will mimic flickering candlelight. “As the party progresses, I would change the lighting to something a little bit more exciting. Making this transition is simple, with intelligent lighting (which can be programmed to integrate the whole lighting setup). “With the push of a button, you can change the mood of the room.”

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Choosing the Right Lights

Work with your lighting designer to figure out which type of lighting fits your budget. All of your vendors (whose hard work will be well displayed) and your guests (who will all look great in flattering light) will be happy with the results, and you’ll be left with a reception space that’s bound to impress.

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