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Karaoke DJ Washington DC, MD, VA

Posted on July 17, 2014

Karaoke DJ Washington DC, MD, VA


Hiring a Karaoke DJ can add a unique element of entertainment to any private party, birthday party, or corporate event. So what exactly is involved with Karaoke

Karaoke package includes 1 or more microphones, song catalogs, sign up cards, and a monitor for lyrics.

Usually, the lyric monitor is a standard 19″ screen, but in some cases, larger screens like 32″ tv’s or 6 ft or larger projection screens are used with video projectors for the audience to see the lyrics as well. Some Karaoke songs have the chorus and background vocals while others are only instrumentals with lyrics. All participants choose the song of their choice and get the chance to perform it in front of all the guests in attendance.


Always remember, it’s not always about how well you can sing or rap, but more about having fun and entertaining. Some people perform solos and some perform duos or group songs. Once the performer fills out a sign up card with the song title and artist, the karaoke dj will call them one by one in the order received and then the performer becomes the star for the next few minutes. Some guests like to perform more than one song. Either way, karaoke is a great addition to any event because there’s always surprises and you sometimes find out that some people have awesome hidden talents!


Here are some companies and organizations I’ve had the pleasure of doing Karaoke with: Honda, Nissan, National BDPA, Amtrak, Ketchum, SmartBrief, The U.S. Coast Guard, T. Rowe Price, CQ Roll Call, American Staffing Association, AAPA, Cadillac Ranch, Whole Foods, NTTA, Cadillac Ranch, Whole Foods, Amtrak, etc. I’ve also performed Karaoke every Friday night at Ziki’s Japanese Steakhouse in Annapolis for 2 years and have done countless Karaoke birthday and private parties.


I hope this article is helpful in your search for a Karaoke DJ Washington DC, MD, VA

For a free consultation, contact us today at (202)704-1963.
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