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MC Service

An MC (Emcee) is someone who can make announcements, entertain a crowd, play games, have contests, make introductions, make your guests feel welcome, and get people on the dance floor. For certain events, you can choose to have a separate DJ and MC depending on how much interactivity you want for your guests. In other cases, your DJ can be your MC as well, taking care of both the music, interactivity, and announcements.  The choice is always up to you depending on how you’d like your event to flow.

Karaoke- Do you and your guests like to perform??? Providing Karaoke service is not an issue for DJ-HD. You can have access to a variety of songs with lyrics displayed on a monitor for your performances. You can definitely bring a lot of excitement and surprises when you include this feature. Turn your event into a show using Karaoke services and leave a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

Remixes- If you need custom remixes for your event, competition, performance, talent show, mix cd, etc., you can consider it done! DJ-HD has the tools to make unique remixes with or without sound effects and voice-overs. The only thing needed is a short detailed description of how you want the outcome to be, and you can own your copy of a customized remix in no time.

Recording- Special occasions can last forever, not only in your memory, but also on MP3 or CD! You can have an audio recording of your live event from start to finish, edited or non-edited. The edited version can be yours within a few days or the non-edited version can be yours within a few hours. With DJ-HD, you’ll always have many options to choose from.